Hometex Premium Textiles

Discover Hometex Premium Textiles, your contact for the highest quality home textiles of all kinds.

Our products range from home textiles such as bath carpets and towels in many variations to pillows, blankets and microfiber sheets to fitted sheets for mattresses, toppers and waterbeds.

The focus of Hometex Premium Textiles is on the highest demands on the product as well as on ourselves. We deliberately refrain from creating fancy samples, intensive advertising and complicated campaigns, but concentrate mainly on our products in order to offer you and yours the highest level of satisfaction and fairness.

True to the motto "Value for Money", we want to achieve exactly that. A balanced and fair price-performance ratio is our drive, which we would like to pass on to our customers in order to be a long-term partner at your and your side.

Our home textiles of the brand "Hometex Premium Textiles" are all certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® as well as MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®. 

søstre & brødre

The home textile products of our second brand "søstre & brødre" are all made by small production facilities in Portugal.

Highest quality and attention to detail are very important to us here.

Of course, these products are also all tested according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. 


Houseplants and plants shipped directly from the grower to your home.

PLANT NATURES has made it its goal to deliver plants for garden and home directly from the nurseries from the Netherlands to the end customer. 
This way we want to deliver the best and freshest quality to our customers, while saving CO2 without the normal detours/delivery chains of the conventional trade.

We only work directly with partner nurseries and growers directly from the Netherlands, so you get the best quality plants.

Our plants are only taken out of the greenhouse after the sale and are securely packed in specially designed packaging and shipped to you.

The packaging we choose and use minimizes the amount of plastic and cardboard.